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Massage Therapy by H. Renee Kelley, LMT

Practice Philosophy

My purpose with any client is to work with them to meet their goals and take care of them how they need to be taken care of. It's all about feeling better, and feeling better for longer. I believe massage therapy is a treatment as well as is preventative care. I have a thorough intake process to with each client prior to the start of the initial session and discuss any changes in health before additional sessions to ensure my clients' health and well-being are always cared for appropriately.

My work is dedicated to helping individuals reach their health goals to help them feel better. I aim to work at the source of the issues, if possible, to help create long-term results, rather than just temporary relief. I encourage and welcome working with my clients' doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and other health care professionals to help attain the goals each client has.

I also believe that the massage session times scheduled with clients should not include the intake process as part of their actual treatment time. Some places choose to include the intake and undressing/dressing as part of the session time, but I am more comfortable not only knowing that I have enough time to address my clients' needs without the intake and other things cutting into the length of the treatment, but also I don't feel that I'm shorting the client out of something they need, want, and are paying for. Every body is different, and being fully informed of your health issues and discussing your specific treatment goals shouldn't limit the time you are being worked on. 

Massage therapy is a great compliment to any fitness plan, chiropractic care, and physical therapy. Many doctors are now starting to recommend massage therapy as part of their patients' health care needs. Insurance companies are also beginning to recognize the importance of massage therapy and some include coverage of some treatments in their plans. (Always check with your carrier to ensure appropriate coverage and/or requirements for coverage to be accepted.) It's very exciting to see massage therapy being more widely recognized by other health care professionals in the health industry. 

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